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There could be any number of ways to measure the efficiency of a system, but when it comes to wastewater treatment plants, it all boils down to cost per gallon for operation  -  and the reUse MBR is among the very best.

Our compact footprint, full automation, highly-efficient equipment and ultra-low operational requirements make the reUse MBR the perfect choice. 

indoor machine with pipes
Cost Efficiency
house next to the woods


All of our reUse solutions are designed as a complete  system, we supply everything you will need for the system to operate properly  from day one.


What is included :

  • System engineering and design

  • All required lift stations

  • Process tankage

  • Concrete pads for equipment and tankage

  • All process equipment, including screens, pumps, blowers, valves, sensors and controls

  • All air piping in stainless steel or high-temp hose and liquid piping in sch80, HDPE or stainless steel

  • Backup power generators with automatic transfer switches

  • Sludge press

  • All installation labor, including electrical, process and mechanical

Treatment Plants


More often than not, developers really do care how the wastewater treatment plant will affect the aesthetics of their subdivision. That's why so many plants are hidden away in the very back.


At reUse, we can design your plant to blend in with your subdivision's architectural theme. It could even become something of a focal centerpiece! 

Aesthetically pleasing treatment plant designed to match the subdivision
comparison between old and new water treatment plants


Size Matters!  


Okay, maybe not with everything - but with wastewater treatment plants, it really does! Whether you are a land developer, municipality or manufacturer, there are many direct costs related to the size of your treatment plant - land space being one of the largest.


Land is valuable no matter where you are, but if you are in an area where land costs are on the rise, it is critically important to maximize land efficiencies whenever possible. reUse systems are designed with that goal in mind!



reUse’s MBR plants are designed to oxidize organics and remove nutrients such as Nitrogen and Phosphorous through a robust biological process.  The reUse MBR provides an absolute barrier from all solids, bacteria and viruses, resulting in a superior and consistent effluent quality -  and, more importantly, are not subject to upsets, surges, cold weather or other problems typically associated with conventional wastewater treatment plants.

Our parameters achieved: 

TSS and BOD₅ Consistently Below 2 mg/l

Achievable TN Below 5 mg/l

Achievable P Below 1 mg/l

Efficient Elimination of NH₄

Elimination of all Bacteria and Viruses

machine with pipes outdoors
Wastewater treated by an MBR systemto produce fresh drinkable water


Water is an incredibly valuable and finite natural resource, one that we must steward carefully. We produce class A+ reclaimed water from wastewater, thereby reducing the demand for freshwater and turning waste into a valuable resource.


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