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Multi-Family Housing Units

Decentralized Systems

Water Reuse Systems

Today, developers and small community managers face a vast number of challenges - one of the most common of which is managing the wastewater stream.

With a growing number of states requiring more stringent discharge standards, trying to find a cost-effective and sustainable solution is never easy.  However, there is a solution to this challenge: a reUse MBR.

With an abundance of design options, reUse can provide a solution for any situation and any environment.  With options for above grade or below grade, concrete tanks, steel tanks, HDPE tanks, fiberglass tanks and a host of other configurations, reUse can design a system that will serve your present needs while meeting any effluent quality standards that may be imposed in the future - all at a price you will most assuredly find appealing!


Municipal Flows from 0.25 MGD to 50 MGD 

Shopping Centers

Industrial/Commercial Centers

Single-Building Water Reuse Systems

Membrane Bio-Reactors have been around for many years and are growing in popularity across the nation due to their high level of effluent polishing and consistently superior output - and while membranes of all types produce a high-quality effluent, this is where the similarities end.


No other membrane can match the performance, strength, longevity, ease of maintenance, reduced cleaning and other advantages which the MaxFlow membrane provides.  If you are looking for a long-term solution with an eye on dependability, look no further than a reUse MBR.

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Food & Beverage
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Chemical / Pharmaceutical

Breweries / Wineries

Cheeses / Milk

Flavored Sodas / Colas

Meats / Proteins


Food and beverage is a broad category of manufacturing that produces a variety of wastewater streams - from high sugars, to high fats, to high proteins.

What all food production has in common is a high level of organic content. These BOD₅ levels wreak havoc on a traditional treatment plant, and often may result in high surcharges and fees from the local municipality.  However, these waste streams are perfect for treatment with a correctly designed reUse MBR.


A reUse MBR is uniquely designed for high-level biological degradation, meaning the stronger the influent, the more efficient the system.  For example, a typical soda waste may come in as high as 20,000 BOD₅.  With proper design, this food-rich influent allows for a healthy biological population, resulting in a robust environment and a cleaner effluent.  This highly polished effluent may be re-used in a variety of process applications, such as facility/production cleaning, chillers, boilers, CIP systems, etc.


reUse delivers an MBR solution which is easy to manage, consistently reliable, and offers an attractive ROI.  


Hog & Sow Farms / Nurseries

Dairy Farms

Poultry Farms


There is no greater challenge for a wastewater treatment system than the concentrated waste from a livestock facility.  Whether pork, dairy, beef or poultry, these waste streams present multiple factors which drive the requirements for a robust and industrial design. High concentrations of hair, fecal, ammonias and other constituents can cause havoc on most systems - but not a reUse MBR!

Utilizing the most advanced and most rugged membrane on the market, the MaxFlow flat-plate membrane, a reUse MBR is purposely designed to perform in the harshest environments - all while providing the owners with a fully automated system that will not interfere with their daily duties!

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