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Water…it’s a precious commodity.  One that we have taken for granted far too long.  Around the world, we are witnessing water shortages like never before.  With a growing population, and a shrinking fresh water supply, it is essential that we look for ways to capture and reuse this vital resource.  That is precisely why we founded reUse – to utilize the most advanced, the most proven, the most reliable treatment technologies available to turn our waste streams into a valuable resource once more.

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We are a team…but more than a team.  At its core, reUse is led by Randall Nelson and Robert Burgin, who share a passion for our planet and have surrounded themselves with people holding the same vision.  But it does not stop with us.  reUse has partnered with a community of professionals with a common goal – to save our water resources.

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ReUse Innovations, along with A3-USA, designs and manufactures Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) systems utilizing the award-winning Max-Flow rigid-plate membranes. 


Our firm has been established to provide engineers, city managers, developers and others access to the most advanced wastewater treatment systems available today without the high cost normally associated with such systems.


From small subdivisions to municipalities, we offer a turn-key service that meets your specific needs in a single-source solution.


Additionally, reUse Innovations, along with our partnering companies, can provide various effluent disposal options such as subsurface drip, surface drip, spray irrigation, high rate infiltration basins and aquifer recharge.

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•     Wastewater treatment products for municipalities
•     Large-flow and small-flow residential developments
•     Commercial and industrial applications
•     Oil and gas firms
•     Sludge dewatering
•     Fine and coarse screens
•     Lift stations
...and much more!

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